Yale ReiSoleil, Jr.

Co-founder & CTO

Revolutionizing Finance through Innovation, Gaming, and Blockchain since 15

Yale ReiSoleil, Jr., a visionary teenager with a passion for gaming and a discipline for trading futures contracts, is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize finance. At just 17 years old, his journey began with a profound realization: the trading industry's zero-sum game was fundamentally flawed and unjust.

Inspired by his experiences in gaming and his family's involvement in high-frequency trading, Yale Jr embarked on a mission for change. Immersing himself in blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum, he saw an opportunity to create a more transparent and equitable financial system.

Co-authoring ERC-5173, Yale Jr introduced the non-fungible Futures Reward (nFR) protocol, laying the groundwork for untrading.org, an interchange marketplace built on Ethereum's decentralized infrastructure. His vision? To transform finance into a collaborative endeavor, where value is created collectively rather than extracted from the masses.

Yale Jr's roadmap includes expanding the protocol's reach and capabilities, with plans to implement Liquidity Rewards (LRs) tokens and facilitate the interchange of all digital assets. Through the Fellowship program, he aims to deepen his engagement within the Ethereum community, leveraging mentorship and collaboration to drive meaningful change.

As a key figure in the Ethereum ecosystem, Yale Jr shares expertise, contributes to open-source projects, and advocates for decentralized technologies. His ultimate goal is to catalyze a paradigm shift towards a more inclusive and resilient financial future, leaving a lasting impact on the world of finance.

Yale Jr. was featured on crypto.news

Areas of thought leadership: 

  • Defi innovations
  • Blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Youth entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Open-source development and collaboration
  • Financial literacy and inclusive finance
  • Ethical and sustainable business practices


May 2022: Co-author, ERC-5173: NFT Future Rewards (nFR),  a multigenerational reward mechanism that rewards‌ all ‌owners of non-fungible tokens (NFT).


January 2021 - to date: Aragon Discord dev community. 


  • November, 2022: Livepeer and XMTP Bounties, ETH San Francisco Hackathon. 
  • March, 2023: Huma, Circle, and Chainlink Bounties, ETHDenver.