Yale ReiSoleil

Co-founder & CEO

A High-Frequency Trading (HFT) Pioneer Turned Crypto Believer

Yale ReiSoleil founded Trealth Co., a pioneering high-frequency trading (HFT) firm, in Shanghai in 2013. The company quickly established itself as a significant player in Chinese financial markets by strategically positioning a co-location within the new Shanghai Futures Exchange data center and implementing a dedicated fiber optic link to the NYSE data center in New Jersey. This cutting-edge infrastructure enabled Trealth Co. to exploit market inefficiencies across global markets with unprecedented speed and precision.

During the bullish market of 2015, Trealth Co. demonstrated its technological prowess and trading acumen by consistently achieving daily trading volumes exceeding 100 million RMB. This remarkable success underscored the effectiveness of their sophisticated HFT strategies and state-of-the-art technological capabilities.

However, the subsequent stock market crash in China later that year precipitated significant regulatory changes. In an effort to stabilize the market and curtail speculation, the Chinese government imposed stringent limitations on trading activities. Among the most impactful measures was the restriction of trading sizes to a mere one contract per trade.

While this regulatory shift didn't entirely halt Trealth Co.'s operations, it severely hampered the company's ability to execute its high-volume trading strategies effectively. The newly imposed restrictions on trading sizes drastically reduced the profitability of their HFT model, which relied heavily on executing numerous trades with small margins.

This period of diminished activity and profitability, rather than signaling the end for Trealth Co., unexpectedly opened new doors for Yale ReiSoleil The downtime resulting from severely limited operations afforded him the opportunity to explore emerging technologies and alternative investment avenues.

It was during this period of relative inactivity that ReiSoleil discovered Bitcoin. Captivated by the potential of this revolutionary digital currency and its underlying blockchain technology, he immersed himself in research and began investing in the cryptocurrency space. This exploration culminated in his early investment in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in 2016. He published "bitcoin goes to US$50,000 - 1,000,000 in 10 to 20 years!" when it was under $450. 

ReiSoleil's pivot demonstrates his remarkable adaptability and foresight. While his HFT business grappled with significant challenges due to regulatory changes, he seized the opportunity to diversify into what would become one of the most transformative financial technologies of the decade.

His early foray into cryptocurrency investing in 2016 positioned ReiSoleil advantageously for the exponential growth and mainstream adoption that the crypto market would experience in subsequent years. This strategic move highlights his keen ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in financial technology, even when faced with setbacks in his primary business venture.