The Backbone of Untrading

At Untrading, our strength lies in the diversity and expertise of our development team. Hailing from various corners of the globe, our developers bring a rich tapestry of experiences and skills to the table. This international blend of talent allows us to approach challenges from multiple perspectives, fostering innovation and creativity in every line of code we write.

Our team's combined expertise ensures that Untrading remains at the forefront of technological innovation, delivering robust and cutting-edge solutions. We are committed to fostering an environment of collaboration and excellence, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of finance and technology.

Together, we're building the future of decentralized finance, combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design to create a platform that's revolutionizing the way people trade and invest.

Meet Our Key Developers


Fred Fei

Senior Quantitative Analyst & Systems Engineer

Fred Fei brings a unique blend of quantitative analysis expertise and advanced systems engineering to Untrading's development team. With a career spanning over a decade in multinational telecommunications companies and financial markets, Fred's diverse skill set makes him an invaluable asset to our platform's development.

Key Expertise:
  • Quantitative Trading Analysis
  • Large-scale Systems Integration
  • International Project Management
  • High-performance Computing
  • Data Analysis and Modeling
Current Role at Untrading:

At Untrading, Fred leverages his dual expertise in quantitative analysis and systems engineering to:

  • Develop and optimize advanced trading algorithms
  • Design and implement robust, scalable systems architecture
  • Ensure seamless integration of various platform components
  • Lead cross-functional teams in the development of innovative fintech solutions

Fred's unique background allows him to approach financial technology challenges from multiple angles. His ability to understand both the nuanced mathematics behind trading strategies and the complex infrastructure needed to support them has been crucial in developing Untrading's cutting-edge platform.

His experience in managing large-scale international projects translates directly to his work at Untrading, where he ensures that our global user base receives a consistently high-quality, high-performance experience.

Fred's contributions extend beyond pure development. His insights into quantitative analysis have been instrumental in shaping Untrading's approach to risk management, market analysis, and predictive modeling.

With his diverse skill set and rich international experience, Fred Fei exemplifies Untrading's commitment to bringing together the best talents from various fields to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance.




Louis Liu

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Louis Liu is a versatile and experienced full-stack software engineer who has been an integral part of the team since 2018. With a comprehensive skill set spanning both front-end and back-end development, Louis brings a holistic approach to software engineering that has been crucial in shaping our platform.

  • Project Management: Overseeing the technical aspects of various projects, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality output.
  • Java Backend Development: Architecting and implementing robust server-side solutions.
  • Vue Frontend Development: Creating responsive and intuitive user interfaces.
  • Web3 and Blockchain Integration: Developing and implementing blockchain-based features and functionalities.
  • Linux Cloud Server Deployment and Maintenance: Ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance of our cloud-based infrastructure.

With a strong foundation in both backend and frontend development, Louis Liu brings a comprehensive skill set to His expertise in Java, Vue.js, and server deployment, combined with his experience in project management and blockchain development, makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Louis continues to drive innovation and excellence, contributing to the growth and success of