David Wang PhD

Co-Founder & Head of Financial Transactions

Bridging Finance and Technology: Innovating the Future of Trading

Dr. David Wang is a distinguished expert in financial transactions with over 17 years of experience in quantitative finance, low-latency trading, and software development. As the Co-Founder and Head of Financial Transactions at Untrading, he brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the forefront of the financial technology sector.

Career Highlights

  • Untrading (Jan 2023 - Present)
    • Co-Founder and Head of Financial Transactions
    • Spearheading financial innovation and technological advancement
  • Morgan Stanley (Sep 2018 - Dec 2022)
    • Vice President, Low Latency Trading
    • Led cutting-edge initiatives in high-frequency trading systems
  • Traealth Co., Shanghai (June 2013 - Jan 2018)
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Pioneered quantitative finance solutions in the Asian market
  • Vigilant Global (Apr 2007 - May 2013)
    • Senior Software Engineer Team Lead
    • Drove software development for advanced trading platforms
    • Note: Vigilant Global was acquired by DRW in 2012

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Concordia University, 2007
    • Specialized research in computer science and financial mathematics


  • Quantitative Finance
  • Low-Latency Trading Systems
  • Financial Software Development
  • Team Leadership and Strategic Planning

Dr. Wang's unique blend of academic excellence and industry experience positions him as a leading figure in the intersection of finance and technology. At Untrading, he continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in financial transactions, leveraging his extensive background to create innovative solutions for the future of trading.