Benny Neo


Mastering Business, Law, and Sports with Unstoppable Drive

A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience  in legal, construction, real estate and fitness industries, Benny studied business management at a prestigious university in New York at  the young age of 17. Beginning his entrepreneur journey at 23, Benny started a company, selling sports equipment. Finding success locally, it quickly became the exclusive distributor in South East Asia. Realizing that he has a talent for negotiations, Benny started a construction consultancy firm specializing in dispute resolution in construction projects. With the ability to quickly grasp complicated engineering concepts and its underlying implications and explain it simply to judges, he grew his firm to a force to be reckoned with, often taking on construction conglomerates and multinational corporations in litigation. Till date, after nearly 10 years in his construction practice. Benny has expanded his scope and amassed a strong following of clients in Aviation, Oil & Gas and Liquidations respectively. He has consulted for government agencies and does pro-bono work when possible. 

From flying solo to managing hundreds of employees, Benny has managed multiple businesses across different industries in various C-suite roles. A steadfast believer in acquiring new skills and diversifications, Benny is currently studying in the school of computing in a local university  and will join its ranks of decorated alums in September 2024. 

An avid sportsman, Benny is an accomplished  division 1 competitive paintballer and grappler. Often traveling to compete overseas when his schedule permits.  He has won many  championships both locally and internationally.  Off-seasons, he enjoys snowboarding and rollerblading.